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We CAN afford the NHS—here’s how, and why…

Effective and universal health provision is a crucially important feature of any society that claims to be both democratic and humane. In the UK we are justly proud of our National Health Service and support its mission to provide high quality health care to all, free at

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Sharing the Nation’s Wealth – creating Equality, eliminating Poverty

Peace Party has noted again, having seen an article quoting a report from the Commission on Economic Equality (set up by the Institute for Public Policy Research) that the wealthiest 10% of household own 45% of the UK’s wealth. This, of course, is garnered up from money

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Tax, Austerity and Tax Evasion

THERE are few things more galling to those of us who punctiliously pay our taxes fully and by the due date than the fact that there are others who do not. There are greater injustices in the world, but this one strikes at our sense of fairness.

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