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Youth Declaration for a Culture of Peace: Call for Activists to join Network

The Peace Party expresses its pleasure in learning of the declaration on “Militarisation and Youth” following the International Peace Bureau World Congress “Disarm! For a Climate of Peace – Creating an Action Agenda” held in Berlin in October, 2016.

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Peace Party advocates the use of Nonviolent Communication

How the principles and practice of “Nonviolent Communication” as developed in the United States by Marshall Rosenberg may be applied to the development of the Peace Party’s policies promoting alternatives to war, terrorism and violence.

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Peace Party does well in School “Mock” Election

Year 7s at a Surrey school had a mock election on 22nd May, 2014. One class took on the mantle of The Peace Party and produced the following manifesto: Stop spending money on the army and weapons. We can spend the money saved on helping people instead […]

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Legal Notices

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