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Appeal to the Government to issue more money to resolve local problems

The Peace Party appeals for an increase in government spending to prevent local social problems worsening.

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Sharing the Nation’s Wealth – creating Equality, eliminating Poverty

Peace Party has noted again, having seen an article quoting a report from the Commission on Economic Equality (set up by the Institute for Public Policy Research) that the wealthiest 10% of household own 45% of the UK’s wealth. This, of course, is garnered up from money […]

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Housing: The Peace Party updates and re-states the need for the provision of housing as a priority

It is clear that there are too few homes to meet demand, prices are too high for many to buy and rent, there is overcrowding and homelessness as worsening problems – and yet around two in a hundred stand empty.

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The budget—so it’s all our fault then?

The budget—so it's all our fault then?

The chancellor’s concerned about lack of growth, which he attributes to poor productivity (we need to work harder) and fears about brexit (we need to stop worrying). So it’s all our fault then, that GDP is less now than it was ten years ago. Nothing to do […]

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