The Peace Party – Non-Violence,
Justice, Environment.

Privacy Policy

What we do with your information

When you enter your details in (say) the form on the left and press the button, the information you have entered gets stored in our database. All we use it for at this stage is to send you an email, and we don’t have any other information about you.

In the email we send you, there will be some information about the Peace Party. It will also contain a link you can use to confirm that you want to stay in touch. If you don’t use this link within 28 days you will be automatically deleted from the database, so there’s no need for you to ‘opt out’.

So that you will know that the email comes from us, not from someone pretending to be us (it does happen, unfortunately!) we take the precaution of including in it a ‘secret code’. We will tell you what it is when we send you an email. If you then get an email that doesn’t include the code, or the code isn’t right, then you will know it’s not from us even if it says it is, so you can just delete it!

We do not share your information — your name, your email address, or anything else about you — with anyone else (unless, of course, we are legally obliged to). If we ask you for any further information (your address, say, if you decide to join us as a member) we will tell you what we will use it for.

If at any time you want to know what information we have about you, or you want us to remove you from the database, just ask (quoting your email address, name, and secret code, so we know it’s really you who’s asking!)

No worries, as they say!