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We CAN afford the NHS—here’s how, and why…

Effective and universal health provision is a crucially important feature of any society that claims to be both democratic and humane. In the UK we are justly proud of our National Health Service and support its mission to provide high quality health care to all, free at

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Funding Needs – Food for Thought

The Peace Party has noted that neither the government nor opposition parties in the UK Parliament seem to want to let the public know where the money comes from for the National Health Service – or indeed for other services for which it is responsible on our behalf.

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Peace through Economic & Social Development, Equality, Justice and Accountable Institutions

Peace Party works for peace which may be achieved through economic & social development, equality, justice, inclusive societies, the adoption of human rights and accountable institutions.

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Appeal to the Government to issue more money to resolve local problems

The Peace Party appeals for an increase in government spending to prevent local social problems worsening.

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