The Peace Party – Non-Violence,
Justice, Environment.

What is The Peace Party?

The Peace Party gives people a chance to elect representatives who put the quest for peace at the centre of their politics.

We believe that political debate does not need to be conducted in a spirit of negativity, mistrust or hostility. There is a better way – even in politics people are capable of compassion, kindness, respect, tolerance and generosity.

This belief informs all of our policies, and we attempt to use it as a guiding principle in everything we do.

Two areas of policy that bring these ideas into sharp focus are war and poverty. We see both of these as preventable, given the thoughtful application of goodwill. Our ultimate objectives are to eliminate both of these scourges; war, by the systematic dismantling of militaristic structures and institutions, and poverty by the development of an economy that works for the good of everyone. In the process, vast resources could be released for the benefit of humanity.

These ideas may seem radical to some, but we believe they are worth striving for, and as firm believers in representative democracy we aim to do this through the ballot box. Peace is the starting point, but the implications for the economy, the environment, equality and justice are far-reaching and profound.

Part of our task is to think issues like these through and work out where they take us. We’re on a journey. If it sounds interesting to you, please join us!