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War and Peace

The Peace Party says, “Remain in the European Union”

The Peace Party has recently issued a short leaflet entitled, ‘The Peace Party says, “Remain in the European Union”’ making clear that the Union is the strongest force for positive Peace that we have.

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Peace Party says End Drug Violence: de-criminalise Psycho-active Substance Use

Attempts to control the use of and trade in psycho-active substances may lead in extremis to violence and killing. Calls are getting louder for the de-criminalisation of the use of drugs.

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Preventing Terrorism – Invitation to have YOUR say

Terrorism is always sad news for all concerned – the victims and friends and families – but also for the terrorists themselves. We need to remember that we are all members of the human family.

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Peace Party Vision – what to do next about the Refugee Crisis

A Peace Party suggestion on what to do next about the refugee crisis with the aim of treating all refugees and asylum seekers as we would wish to be treated ourselves. (We are members of the Human Family after all.)

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Legal Notices

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