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War and Peace

To intervene or not to intervene in Syria?

Andrew Rawnsley attacked the non-interventionists in an article, “Syria has paid dearly for western passivity” (20 April, 2018), published in the Guardian Weekly and originally in The Observer. The journalist appears to be seeking a full-scale military intervention in that country where, he says, best estimates put […]

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Reaction to the UK joining in the bombing of Syria (Saturday, 14th April, 2018)

Reacting to the terrible news on the morning of 14th April, 2018, the Prospective Peace Party Candidate for Guildford, John Morris, writes, “The Peace Party never supports the use of military methods to resolve conflicts. War can never provide the positive peace we all seek. As Hiram […]

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The Bringing of Peace to Syria: War must stop – no more Violence, no more Killing, no more Humiliation

Were the Peace Party to have influence on the UK Government, it would have noted yet again with absolute sadness the continuing killing, of civilians as well as those carrying or operating arms (totalling now over 300,000 individuals), the creation of an enormous refugee crisis (with over […]

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The November 2017 Budget and Spending on War Preparations (euphemistically called “defence”)

The government’s autumn 2017 budget document shows “defence” spending in 2018-19 to be £49,000,000,000 (49 billion pounds) – that is, preparations for war. The Peace Party would replace this with the development of the eight Pillars of Peace: the good ways of keeping us secure and safe.

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