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Budget, what Budget?

Budget, what Budget?

The budget is, let’s face it, a con. It’s purpose is to present selected aspects of government economic policy in a form that will be attractive to the media, that will reinforce those ideas that legitimise the government’s long term objectives, and that will disguise those objectives […]

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What’s wrong with TTIP

The Peace Party is strongly opposed to the planned Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) arrangements between the EU and USA for a number of compelling reasons, which include the following:

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Sovereignty and Exploitation

What we call war today is not war as history has known it. Its destructive effect is immeasurably greater. It is now a truism to say that if we do not end war, war will end us. Nor is the competitive hunt for profit and dividends the […]

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Weapons to Ploughshares

The Peace Party, once it were in a position of influence over government, would be immediately setting out to plan and implement the replacement of weapons manufacture in the UK by government-supported industries and services: Funding of these would be no problem as the government now provides […]

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