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Human Values rule out Armed Forces Day

Editorial pieces in the Surrey Advertiser of 23rd June 2017 about Armed Forces Day fail to mention that it was instituted by government anxious to reverse the decline in recruitment to the military. The Day is there to encourage young people to love the armed services so […]

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Peace Party candidates hold on to their vote

Jim Duggan in Horsham polled 263 votes (0.42% of the votes cast) and John Morris polled 205 (0.37%) in Guildford

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Terrorism in Western Europe and links with events in South-West Asia and North Africa – Three views

The links between the attack on the Manchester Arena and the ongoing war in Iraq and Syria must be made. That Britain is still at war after fifteen years suggests that some rethinking is required.

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Peace Party Policies for the General Election 2017

Applying Universal Human Values to the world it wishes to see, the Peace Party has set out eighteen important policy statements.

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