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The Peace Party continues to support UK membership of the European Union

The Peace Party wholeheartedly supports the UK membership of the EU – leaving it will be the gravest mistake ever.

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North Korea: What the Peace Party would be doing were it to be influential in government

A. What we see – the following is an imaginary Cabinet Briefing on North Korea attended by UK representatives at UN, Security Council and General Assembly Building and testing missiles capable of hitting targets as far away as the USA; Developing and testing nuclear weapons able to […]

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Human Values rule out Armed Forces Day

Editorial pieces in the Surrey Advertiser of 23rd June 2017 about Armed Forces Day fail to mention that it was instituted by government anxious to reverse the decline in recruitment to the military. The Day is there to encourage young people to love the armed services so […]

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Peace Party candidates hold on to their vote

Jim Duggan in Horsham polled 263 votes (0.42% of the votes cast) and John Morris polled 205 (0.37%) in Guildford

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Legal Notices

This website is published and promoted by John Morris for The Peace Party, both at 39 Sheepfold Road, Guildford, Surrey, GU2 9TT.

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