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Vision for a Better World

A world at peace is one where everyone feels fully in control of their lives and can thus feel that they can play a full part in the life of the community. Here, systems have been put in place to ensure that power is equally distributed; power is in the hands of everyone so that we have real democracy – a real effect on decision-making. All human life is acknowledged to be of equal worth in all situations and at all times – without exception.

In such a world people develop a non-materialistic outlook where they are interested much more in “being”, rather than “having”. Progress is measured by the level of well-being and happiness among citizens rather than by “gross domestic product”.

The world envisaged would be one that is strongly caring for people, for community and society and for the natural world rather than the materialistic and capitalistic one. “The cost of caring is great; the cost of not caring is even greater”.

In response to all conflict situations, people will have learned and accepted that they must take a non-violent route to the resolution of those situations. Non-violence consists of the refusal to participate in any physical struggle whatever. People will have learned that the real object of non-violence is the conversion of the “enemy” to friend. Non-violence pursues a conflict to the end, not to victory or the spoils of triumph but to reconciliation.

Citizens of the future world will be aware that humankind consist of brothers and sisters and that they are all part of one world – nations have ceased to be of importance and are recognised even as a threat to global citizenship and to peace. States will have been dismantled and boundaries, in the barriers sense, will have been negotiated out of existence and replaced by systems of real democracy, control resting in the hands of all peoples through People’s Assemblies and local committees.

In the world envisaged no-one is in poverty any more; systems are in place to ensure that wealth is automatically re-distributed as the world contains an abundance of life’s necessities (but not enough for everyone’s greed).

There will be a full range of well-funded public services including social security: these would be better than anything that can be provided by private, profit-making organisations.

Everyone will recognise their responsibilities in assisting in the maintenance of a stable and peaceful global community where the rights of groups within that community are respected and guaranteed by all. Everyone will be inspired to seek information and form their conscience so that they are able to contribute their share of political action to maintain that stable and peaceful global community.

Peace will have been made with the environment; everyone using only enough of the earth’s resources to satisfy their own needs. People practise constantly all the means possible to protect and nurture all animal, including human, life and all plant life.

All human rights, as set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the European Convention on Human Rights will have been adopted.

Society will have been freed from oppression, discrimination and violence and is based on the application of justice and law.

The society that has been built will have brought capital under the control of all the people. Profits are for the benefit of all and not for private gain. In that way, there is abundance for all.

Society is built on the principles of co-operation.

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