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The Peace Party of the United Kingdom

Peace in Practice

The Peace Party would work to create the reality of a single unified world, with people of different outlooks and beliefs living harmoniously together and working for the common goal of a world at peace.

The Peace Party would:

  • Respect absolutely the sovereignty of countries until such time as all borders can be removed and the power of states reduced.
  • Establish systems of conflict prevention; people might use the United Nations, Council of Europe and all other appropriate means to identify possible conflict situations and then put conflict prevention techniques into operation.
  • Put in place measures that will ensure differences and conflict will always be resolved by non-violent means, such as non-violent communication, passive resistance, mediation, negotiation, arbitration, conciliation and reconciliation.
  • Establish and maintain a multi-skilled, non-violent, highly-trained “Disasters Emergency Organisation” able to operate on the sea, in the air and on the land, based on the coastguard, fire and ambulance services, to help deal with national and international emergencies.
  • Set up a “Ministry for Peace” to represent peace and human rights groups; such a ministry would be non-governmental, would nurture ideas and intelligence, plan conflict resolution, take legal action against belligerent governments and represent public opinion.
  • Follow the example of 19 other countries by working towards closing down the military, abolishing the armed forces, re-deploying all personnel to peaceful purposes, abolishing the war machine and the “military-industrial-academic complex”. Peace has been shown to be extremely cost effective.
  • Take out of use and destroy all weapons of war.
  • Close all armaments factories and subsidise their conversion to peaceful purposes.
  • Withdraw from all current military commitments and withdraw immediately from all military alliances – we will never again take part in any war, invasion, no-fly zone operations and other military operations. We will thus greatly reduce, and probably eliminate, the chances of the country being considered a target for terrorism or being invaded ever again.
  • Ban all trade in any type of weapon or military equipment.
  • Encourage other members of the European Union to promote a peace agenda and to adopt a peace constitution to remove the militaristic policies in the EU which include the introduction of European armed forces.
  • Regulate the possession of guns thus allowing their use only in specific circumstances.

Legal Notices

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