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The Peace Party of the United Kingdom


The Peace Party gives people the opportunity to express their support for a radically new world based on the principle of compassion where all others are treated as we would wish to be treated ourselves. Compassion requires each one of us, each group of us, to work tirelessly to alleviate the suffering of others and to treat everybody with love, justice, equity and respect.

The Peace Party envisages a society where peaceful conflict resolution, social and economic justice and environmental issues are paramount. The concept of true peace is life-enhancing and rests with everyone cultivating peace and harmony between themselves and between people and their environment.

Peace has the qualities of vitality and power, heroism and fearlessness; peace is protective, nourishing and irresistible. Peace begins with each one of us. Peace enables the full development of humanity guided by the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights”.

The Peace Party:

  • Promotes the resolving of disputes only by means of dialogue and other well-tried techniques of conflict resolution
  • Is open to ideas of all kinds in the expectation that peace and peaceful people will enhance the quality of human existence, experience and understanding
  • Promotes respect and friendship between all peoples
  • Works for the collective interest of humankind, realising that we are all affected by each other, that everything is interconnected
  • Works for world citizenship; there can be no borders in a truly peaceful, democratic global society
  • Is radical, if not revolutionary, in its views and outlook, acknowledging the true worth of everyone, so celebrating diversity
  • Believes in truth and transparency when developing and supporting those policies that are most thoroughly conducive to lasting worldwide and peaceful co-existence
  • Works with any individual or group that is like-minded in seeking to bring about a global peaceful society.
  • The Peace Party is an independent, secular political party. It welcomes people of all religions – and of none.

Legal Notices

This website is published and promoted by John Morris for The Peace Party, both at 39 Sheepfold Road, Guildford, Surrey, GU2 9TT.

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