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The Peace Party of the United Kingdom


The Peace Party would:

  • Create a housing programme to ensure that everyone, the young, the vulnerable, the socially excluded, single people, families, single parents with children and older and disabled people, has a home of their own to rent or buy.
  • Make full use of sites for new housing that have ceased to be used for other purposes
  • Enact legislation to release other land for housing.
  • Improve existing housing stock to the highest standard possible.
  • Institute shared ownership schemes with housing trusts.
  • Ensure that housing programmes contain a mixture of social, rented housing and owner-occupied homes.
  • Build all new housing to the highest eco-standards, so that it has the least impact on its surroundings.
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This website is published and promoted by John Morris for The Peace Party, both at 39 Sheepfold Road, Guildford, Surrey, GU2 9TT.

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