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The Peace Party of the United Kingdom

Food and Water

The Peace Party will do its best to ensure that, as far as is humanly possible, no-one anywhere will ever go hungry or thirsty again.

The Peace Party will:

  • Work with the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation to plan a world food strategy to ensure that there is sufficient food for the needs, but not the greed, for the whole of the current world population (and the growth of it to around 10 billion people when it is expected that population will stabilise).
  • Educate everyone about the minimum food required for healthy and cheaper living by, for example, using locally-sourced, seasonal foods.
  • Be ready to move food to wherever it is needed in the world in times of emergency
  • Support vegetarian and vegan diets, but, meanwhile, continue to improve conditions for farm animals.
  • Assist in the development of new food sources such as those derived from algae, from artificially-produced meat, from the breeding of plants to produce, for example, “super rice”, to investigate and support the development of “seawater greenhouses” to grow food (and generate power) in the coastal desert areas of the world.
  • Bring the water industry back into the ownership of the people.
  • Develop water storage facilities and a water grid within the UK to ensure that, as far as is humanly possible, there are adequate supplies of water for domestic, agricultural and industrial use.

Legal Notices

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