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The Peace Party of the United Kingdom


The Peace Party would:

  • Hold annual elections for all decision-making bodies (including councils and parliaments), until such time as true democracy can operate. One third or one quarter of the decision-making bodies
    would be elected at a time. This should avoid sudden changes and allow those bodies to evolve as their membership changes year by year.
  • Hold all elections using the system of proportional representation which most closely reflects all shades of opinion within the electorate.
  • Hold referenda on local and national issues.
  • Ensure that there is full education and clearly-presented information on voting – where to vote and how to vote, for example.
  • Limit the term to be served by any one leader, who will be elected by the people, with no more than two four-year terms of office possible.
  • Relieve the monarch of all powers, transferring these to an elected president; the Peace Party standing for the equality of all – the choice of representatives is solely in the power of the people.
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This website is published and promoted by John Morris for The Peace Party, both at 39 Sheepfold Road, Guildford, Surrey, GU2 9TT.

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