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For the Peace Party, the development of a peaceful way of life by an individual or community depends on the cultivation by them of a whole range of values, or principles, of ones that come from the heart, from the feelings people have about themselves and the world and from the standards they live by.

The basic value behind our programme is the unconditional reverence for all life which is shown by our affirming and esteeming it, embracing the unity of it, honouring the integrity of it so that we can support, nourish and protect the richness of life on Earth and uphold the supreme worth of every being. Life is sacred.

Reverence for life leads to respect for all life which is shown by our mission for Peace and could be shown, for example, by our support for wildlife conservation programmes.

Reverence and respect for life lead to compassion for life, demonstrated by people being unfailingly patient in their dealings with others and aspiring to a brighter future in all relationships.

These values lead to solidarity with one another, in our society and the whole world; solidarity with, and loyalty to, our brothers and sisters elsewhere in the world.

The value which we call care means care for every member of this and future generations. Caring about – and for – others is what makes us human.

From solidarity and caring develops the value of empathy, of being able to identify oneself imaginatively with the thoughts, hopes and fears of another person.

Linked with empathy is the value of awareness, of being self-aware and aware of the needs of others, of concern about problems at a world level.

These may be followed by humility, of seeing others as equal to ourselves; considering others to be no better than ourselves leads to valuing others equally, without discrimination or prejudice.

The value of co-operation links back to solidarity where people cooperate with generosity and unselfishness towards the common good.

Freedom is a state of mind and is the quest of the individual and the group to be free from materialism, fear and hatred.

Loving-kindness encourages a feeling of aliveness, making life worth living. Kindness is one of the keys to humanity, contentment and friendship.

The value of belonging, is being part of a family and of a whole variety of communities, from local to the global.

The foundations of truth, of honesty in our lives, lead to clean, open and humble government as well as to the peaceful resolution of conflict.

Equality, from the value of humility, leads on to fairness. We can and will, as a society, bear hardship if we feel that everyone is being treated equally and that they have the same opportunities in life.

Solidarity, care, compassion and other values lead on to the value of tolerance, which comes from having mutual trust and thus greater understanding of the opinions of others.

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