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The Migration Challenge

When we look at the challenges faced by the authorities in France and the UK, with thousands of refugees/asylum seekers/migrants wanting to come and live and work in the UK, we must turn to fundamental human values.

One of the most important of these for a society at peace with itself is ‘respect’ — for oneself and for everyone else. The Peace Party has identified other values which are equally applicable to every situation with which we cope in our lives* — ‘compassion’ for humanity, ‘reverence for life’, ‘solidarity’ with one another, ‘care’ for others, ‘kindness’, ‘fairness’ and ‘tolerance’ for example.

Peace people know what our feelings are in the situation we observe on the TV in Northern France – hundreds of distressed people from overseas. It is clear and obvious what our — and their — needs are.

If we want to apply these values to this situation, we see that there is only one course of action open to our British Government. The refugees/asylum seekers/migrants must be welcomed into mainland Britain without delay. Suitable accommodation must be found for them where they can be rapidly interviewed and their futures determined. It will be helpful to establish at that stage their country of origin, the reasons for their wishing to move to Britain and whether, if they stay, their families will wish to join them. Those allowed to stay in Britain must be found housing and the means to earn a living equally quickly. Those refused entry must be returned with equal speed to their homelands.

Britain must also be working with other countries within the UN to work in turn with the authorities in those “nations” to correct the problems that are forcing people to flee. The kind of issues to be established will undoubtedly focus on the level of violence against individuals and groups there, the level of corruption, the state of democracy in those countries and where power currently resides.

Footnote: We must all be aware, day by day, of the horrifying accounts of what is apparently going on in such countries as the Sudan, Syria and Eritrea. Where it is apparent that central government may have failed, the word “nation” should be withdrawn from countries like that until the “authorities” can show that they can treat their peoples as human beings again.

*(and which are listed and described in the Peace Party Charter)

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