The Peace Party – Non-Violence,
Justice, Environment.

The Bringing of Peace to Syria: War must stop – no more Violence, no more Killing, no more Humiliation

Were the Peace Party to have influence on the UK Government,

  1. it would have noted yet again with absolute sadness the continuing killing, of civilians as well as those carrying or operating arms (totalling now over 300,000 individuals), the creation of an enormous refugee crisis (with over 4 million people having fled the country completely and even more being internally displaced) and destruction in Syria and
  2. it would be relentlessly pursuing the Foreign Office to play a leading role in restoring peace and stability in the country.

What is needed?

Firstly, all parties to be brought together in one place (preferably under the aegis of the UN whose Charter contains those vital sentences, “WE THE PEOPLES OF THE UNITED NATIONS DETERMINED to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war” … shall “practice tolerance and live together in peace with one another as good neighbors”) to

  • bring their observations of past and present situations,
  • share their feelings, and those of other members of their group, and
  • identify the needs of themselves as individuals and of the group they represent.

Of course, diplomacy is invariably a complex, slow process – it is certainly not just putting people into a room or creating showy summits.  It requires patience and it requires real substance.

Secondly, the protection of the remaining civilian Syrian population requiring the provision of guaranteed supplies of food and water and proper medical care and

Thirdly, future security depends on the building of trust, based upon the acknowledgment by all parties of truth, the restoration of self-respect, of dignity, of prestige and of self-esteem of all parties involved.

It is recognised that the organisers of the diplomacy have a tough task.  It is of great importance that the parties to the talks come with open minds and without set pre-conditions or any kind of open or concealed threats.