The Peace Party – Non-Violence
Justice, Enviroment


The Peace Party – Non-Violence
Justice, Enviroment

Peace Party National Organiser, John Morris, receives one of the three Wilson/Hinkes Peace Awards for 2018

This year, the interfaith organisation, Week of Prayer for World Peace, decided to give John Morris, Guildford peace campaigner and Peace Party National Organiser, one of its Peace Awards. The ceremony took place at the High Wycombe Quaker Meeting House in front of an audience of people of many faiths (and of none).

Although John had carefully prepared the notes for his words of acceptance of the Award, he discarded these and spoke from the heart, partly using two posters held aloft for all to see by son, Michael. He used one of them to explain the close relationships between universal human values and Peace and then, demonstrated with the other – from the American peace organisation, World Beyond War  – to show how it should be possible to set up a “Global Security system – An Alternative to War” for the resolution of conflict.

Woking Quaker, Keith Scott, submitted the Nomination of John for the Award to the Committee of Week of Prayer for World Peace.

John is now working on his plan for using the £500 Award (split into 5 annual prizes) to encourage 10 to 13 year-olds in the Guildford Borough area to begin thinking deeply about a future world where a military organisation will not be necessary to keep us at Peace. His draft proposal would be that entries would be invited from children aged between 10 and 13 years on or before 25.12.18 for them to produce an essay or other presentation up to 500 words in length with the possible title: “What I would do, on my own or with my friends, that would help our world to be more safe, more secure and at peace without the use, or threat of the use, of weapons and killing”.  This would need to be submitted by 25 December, 2018. Three prizes would be for £50, £30 and £20.

WPfWP winners 2018

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