The Peace Party – Non-Violence
Justice, Enviroment


The Peace Party – Non-Violence
Justice, Enviroment

Peace Party heard the PM say on 25th November, 2018, “We will take back control”!

“We will take back control of our borders, by putting an end to the free movement of people once and for all.”

The government has always had control of UK borders for people wishing to enter from non-EU states – it has just failed to use those powers to the full over the years

In any case, ‘Free movement’ is a human right; we fear for the future of other even more basic human rights as the country pulls up the draw-bridge

“Instead of an immigration system based on where a person comes from, we will build one based on the skills and talents a person has to offer.”

A promise we fear as human rights are trampled on

“We will take back control of our money, by putting an end to vast annual payments to the EU.”

Annual payments are the subscription to the EU for all the benefits membership provides especially for movement of goods, essential for our industries and trade, and services

“Instead, we will be able to spend British taxpayers’ money on our own priorities, like the extra £394 million per week that we are investing in our long-term plan for the NHS.”

Being sovereign over its currency, the UK has always had the power to fully support all public services – NHS, Police, Education, Prisons, Care services and so on. (Tax funds nothing – it is money removed from ‘the system’.) (Support for public services is not ‘investment’ – no one expects them to make a profit.)

“And we will take back control of our laws, by ending the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice in the UK.”

We fail to see any advantage in opting out of the ECJ

“In future, our laws will be made, interpreted and enforced by our own courts and legislatures.”

It is Parliament – elected by the people – who make the laws. It would be an extremely dangerous development to let the legal system make the country’s laws. Courts and legislatures do the interpreting and enforcing, of course

“We will be out of EU programmes that do not work in our interests: out of the common agricultural policy, that has failed our farmers, and out of the common fisheries policy, that has failed our coastal communities.”

The UK has been a partner in the EU for over 40 years in ensuring everything works to the interests of everyone in the Union. One wonders what our representatives in Parliaments, the Council of Ministers and those appointing the Commission have been doing all that time – it is the representatives who have been doing the failing. The UK is far better off co-operating with its 27 other members than by competing with it from outside

“Instead, we will be able to design a system of agricultural support that works for us and we will be an independent coastal state once again, with full control over our waters.”

We have absolutely no confidence that the representatives of the people will do any better in the future: 28 heads with up to 40 years’ experience in creating systems must be better than just one

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