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Attempted murders – Justice and Compassion needed: not Condemnation or Blame

A peaceful world is not achieved by condemnation of another’s actions.  Blaming someone for a terrible deed leads so easily to confrontation and even, ultimately, violence. A peaceful world is one where harmony is always sought for and worked on.  When the seeking and working are interrupted, […]

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Learning Peace – Challenging Militarism

Peace Party is all about “Learning to Abolish War” as well as learning peace: Education is one of the Party’s “key strategies for confronting the war system and establishing alternatives”. The Peace Party’s “thinking about education goes beyond simply informing people about the issues (although that is […]

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Housing: The Peace Party updates and re-states the need for the provision of housing as a priority

It is clear that there are too few homes to meet demand, prices are too high for many to buy and rent, there is overcrowding and homelessness as worsening problems – and yet around two in a hundred stand empty.

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The November 2017 Budget and Spending on War Preparations (euphemistically called “defence”)

The government’s autumn 2017 budget document shows “defence” spending in 2018-19 to be £49,000,000,000 (49 billion pounds) – that is, preparations for war. The Peace Party would replace this with the development of the eight Pillars of Peace: the good ways of keeping us secure and safe.

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