The Peace Party – Non-Violence
Justice, Enviroment


The Peace Party – Non-Violence
Justice, Enviroment

Humanity is paramount in dealing with population movement

The Peace Party is always disturbed to see ordinary people who have found life too difficult to endure in their homelands and then getting unmercifully exploited in their search for a new home and livelihood. At the same time, their searches may have involved taking incredible risks, as has been seen recently on the media, in crossing one of the busiest sea lanes in the world – the English Channel – in the tiniest and most unsuitable craft. And, of course, we have also seen similar – and often fatal risks being run – in the crossing of the Mediterranean Sea.

What must be done? The Peace Party stands for the application of the highest standards of universal human values through its policies. COMPASSION for everyone must mean just that. Delivery of help to all who need it, wherever they are in the world. Ways must be developed urgently – probably through the United Nations and its agencies – to ensure comfort and security for every member of humanity in their homelands. If needs arise to move people to other lands then that movement must be organised in the most humane manner possible. No-one must be allowed to profit in any way for another person’s, or family’s, misfortune.

Everyone should have the opportunity to learn, from the earliest moment in their lives, to develop within themselves every one of those universal human values – COMPASSION, KINDNESS, CARE, RESPECT, LOVE, TOLERANCE, JUSTICE, PATIENCE, TRUST, TRUTH … the list is almost endless.

Parentless children in temporary camps, people fleeing in unsuitable vessels across treacherous seas, unseen, shady profiteers cashing in on others’ tragedies … besmirch our world.

The Peace Party works to show the possibility of that better side of human nature though its programmes for councils and parliaments – as well as for international organisations.

Treating others as we wish to be treated

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