The Peace Party – Non-Violence,
Justice, Environment.

Attempted murders – Justice and Compassion needed: not Condemnation or Blame

A peaceful world is not achieved by condemnation of another’s actions.  Blaming someone for a terrible deed leads so easily to confrontation and even, ultimately, violence.

A peaceful world is one where harmony is always sought for and worked on.  When the seeking and working are interrupted, then an even greater effort is needed to restore the peaceful path.

The dreadful attack on the Russian father and daughter in the city of Salisbury calls for the application of justice.  The uncovering of the story behind the attack must be carefully assembled so that the perpetrator, or perpetrators, of the criminal act of attempted murder is found, arrested and properly tried in a British court.  The follow-up should lead similarly to justice.  With other nations, we have established the International Criminal Court.  That is where justice may also be brought to bear in due course against any offender, individual or state.

The Peace Party can see the possibility of sinister motives behind the government’s knee-jerk reactions to the attack, reactions which cannot lead to peace between nations.

Could the government, we wonder, be distracting public attention away from the deep difficulties they are finding in extracting the UK from the EU?

Is the government finding an excuse – a potential enemy – to spend more cash on the military?  (Although how up-graded nuclear or other fearsome weapons can prevent attempted murders or terrorist acts is beyond comprehension.)

Could the government be adding to the climate of fear in the country so that its subjects see it as being strong against adversity and so give it more support than it may deserve.

The Peace Party advises that it would be guided in its conduct of governmental affairs by close adherence to all the universal human values which govern our lives.  The more important ones are Compassion and Caring, Respect, Justice, Tolerance, Love, Fairness, Trust and Understanding.