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Appeal to the Government to issue more money to resolve local problems

The Peace Party noted that local government elections were held this May in some areas of the U.K.  It is clear that local services have been suffering for some time from a lack of increases in government funding.  Government has capped the amount of money that can be collected from residents and businesses.

The “Big Issue” has pointed out that restrictions on funding mean that it is increasingly difficult for local authorities to deal with problems of crime, health, poverty, homelessness and a general lack of housing.  Increasing funding now would prevent such problems getting worse and would thus actually be likely to reduce expenditure down the line.

The Big Issue says it is supporting the Local Government Association’s plan to set up a “Prevention Transformation Fund” to help local authorities to make grants to prevent problems worsening.  There’s no indication in the magazine (April 30 – May 6) as to where that Fund is to acquire its cash.

The Peace Party says it will be far easier for central Government just to increase the amounts of money it issues direct to local authorities rather than to add yet another level of perhaps expensive bureaucracy around a new fund.  There are distinct benefits to the KISS principle – to Keeping It Simple, Silly.