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War and Peace

True Peace

True Peace is the refusal by those in power to adopt it

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Overcoming Fear and Insecurity through Positive Peace

How a nation’s safety, security, defence and protection can come better through “Positive Peace” than through threats of retaliation and war.

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Peace is much, much more than the absence of war

It was said at the end of last year by a prominent public figure that because the armed forces “face danger” in “doing their duty” that “we have peace”. It is certainly true that by killing and injuring people and destroying or damaging property armed forces MAY […]

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How can we stop the killing in Syria?

ONE THING everyone agrees on — except those involved in fighting them, presumably — is that the wars in the Middle East must stop. Appalling atrocities are being committed, probably on all sides, because that’s what happens in war, causing unimaginable suffering to ordinary, nice, civilised people […]

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Legal Notices

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