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War and Peace

New call to break the link between Weapons, the Military and Government

The Peace Party has always suspected the intimate link between the arms industry, the military and the Government (and, many would add, the academic world).

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Conclusion: Only Peaceful Ways are Just, Moral, Effective and Productive in resolving conflict

The Peace Party has always known that war is not only unjust but ineffective and counterproductive. It’s why members of the Peace Party continue with THEIR efforts for Peace.

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Trident Replacement?

Jeff Bolam responds to an e-mail about the Trident Weapons System from the Wealden MP, Nusrat Ghani. She said that it is absolutely vital that “we maintain a continuous independent nuclear deterrent as the ultimate guarantee of both our national and international security.” The Peace Party understands […]

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New Project of ‘Veterans for Peace’ – “Don’t Join the Army”

The Peace Party has become aware of a project of Veterans For Peace UK, called “Don’t Join the Army”. It is a response to the Army’s consistently misleading and exploitative recruitment campaigns aimed at young people.

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Legal Notices

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