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A Personal View of the US Election

A Personal View of the US Election

Things are rarely what they seem, and it’s particularly odd how sometimes the least admirable of people can be agents for change for the better.

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Youth Declaration for a Culture of Peace: Call for Activists to join Network

The Peace Party expresses its pleasure in learning of the declaration on “Militarisation and Youth” following the International Peace Bureau World Congress “Disarm! For a Climate of Peace – Creating an Action Agenda” held in Berlin in October, 2016.

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New call to break the link between Weapons, the Military and Government

The Peace Party has always suspected the intimate link between the arms industry, the military and the Government (and, many would add, the academic world).

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New Project of ‘Veterans for Peace’ – “Don’t Join the Army”

The Peace Party has become aware of a project of Veterans For Peace UK, called “Don’t Join the Army”. It is a response to the Army’s consistently misleading and exploitative recruitment campaigns aimed at young people.

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