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The budget—so it’s all our fault then?

The budget—so it's all our fault then?

The chancellor’s concerned about lack of growth, which he attributes to poor productivity (we need to work harder) and fears about brexit (we need to stop worrying). So it’s all our fault then, that GDP is less now than it was ten years ago. Nothing to do […]

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Peace Party’s Radical Policies on Housing

The Peace Party has always identified the need for the provision of housing as a priority – but has never looked at the problems closely nor quantified that need until now.  It is clear that there are – too few homes – prices are too high for […]

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G20 – the Cold, Cruel World of Global Capitalism

The Peace Party observes that something seems to be very wrong with the world – wars, millions fleeing danger, racism and hatred, climate change and growing social division.

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Inequality in the Global Economy – Threat to Peace?

The Peace Party sees the possible threat to peace contained in the OXFAM Report on inequality in the global economy, a document that reveals that 62 individuals now control more wealth than the bottom half of the planet’s population.

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