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Peace Party Candidates in the County Council Elections 4 May 2017

John Morris (Guildford West), Jim Duggan (Horsham Riverside) and Chapel Kabir (Guildford South-West) have been put forward as candidates for “The Peace Party – Non-violence, Justice, Environment” for their respective County Councils.

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Time to create Security, Safety and Protection using ONLY Non-violence

Exposed: another surreptitious way of trying to persuade the population in the Guildford area to “love the military”.

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Deep Compassion needed: Reflections on the Westminster Event

Members of The Peace Party have been reflecting on the event on Westminster Bridge and outside the Palace of Westminster on 22nd March, 2017. Change is clearly needed in society especially the learning of deep compassion.

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Ten Principles for Peace

The Peace Party welcomes THE COLOMBIA CHARTER and its “10 Principles for Peace”, with the subtitle “Without ideals and values, human conduct lacks a compass”.

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