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Peace Party Vision – what to do next about the Refugee Crisis

A Peace Party suggestion on what to do next about the refugee crisis with the aim of treating all refugees and asylum seekers as we would wish to be treated ourselves. (We are members of the Human Family after all.)

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Inequality in the Global Economy – Threat to Peace?

The Peace Party sees the possible threat to peace contained in the OXFAM Report on inequality in the global economy, a document that reveals that 62 individuals now control more wealth than the bottom half of the planet’s population.

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War in Iraq: shocking figures released

The UN says violence suffered by civilians in Iraq “remains staggering”, with at least 18,800 killed in 20 months and some 3.2 million people displaced internally.

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Former South Sudanese Child Soldier speaks for Peace

South Sudanese boy soldier has lived war and never wants to return to it. He is one of the keys to peace.

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