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More than 60 years later, there’s still only an uneasy peace in Korean Peninsula

The “positive peace” that, at heart, everyone wants for Korea will come from the recognition of the needs of both north and south Koreans by each other and by the world at large.

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Stop making and supplying Weapons, says Peace Party

Crisis in Yemen – UK government support for Saudi Arabia. Peace Party would never permit the manufacture or trade in weapons

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The Peace Party says, “Remain in the European Union”

The Peace Party has recently issued a short leaflet entitled, ‘The Peace Party says, “Remain in the European Union”’ making clear that the Union is the strongest force for positive Peace that we have.

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Peace Party says End Drug Violence: de-criminalise Psycho-active Substance Use

Attempts to control the use of and trade in psycho-active substances may lead in extremis to violence and killing. Calls are getting louder for the de-criminalisation of the use of drugs.

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