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Trump: No State Visit!

‘Our position on the state visit has not changed—an offer has been extended and President Trump has accepted.’ Thus spake a Downing Street spokesperson on 11 October this year. We should respect the office of President of the United States, the argument goes, whatever we may think of the man who occupies it.

I beg to differ.

Or, rather, I do not agree that respecting the office of President means there should be a state visit regardless of the qualities of the man who occupies it.

We cannot know what goes on in Donald Trump’s mind, but no one can escape what he says. And his ‘tweets’ and public statements, when they are not simply foolish and self-aggrandising, are consistent in just two respects—their mendacity, and their sheer vitriolic nastiness.

Insofar as anyone as inconsistent as Donald Trump can be said to have a policy, that policy is a resentful, malicious hostility to everything of worth—compassion, tolerance, fairness, even plain down-to-earth intelligence and common sense. If he were not President of the United States we would call him a fascist.

We can best show our respect for his office by making it clear that we regard his incumbency as a sad mistake, an embarrassment to the American people, and a real and present danger to the rest of the world.

Much as we might wish to honour an American President with a state visit, we cannot do so on this occasion without giving succour to fascism.

And we know where that leads.

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