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The Peace Party of the United Kingdom

The Peace Party continues to support UK membership of the European Union

The Peace Party has always supported Britain’s membership of the European Union knowing that the EU should be one of the strongest pillars for peace that we have.

The Peace Party believes that the Government is making a grave mistake in proceeding with renouncing Britain’s membership of the Union.

The 2016 Referendum was organised to give advice for the government; referenda play no constitutional part in the system of democracy in the United Kingdom.  When little more than a third of the electorate voted “leave”, they cannot be said to represent the “will of the British people”.  52% of those voting “leave” cannot be thought to be clear advice to the government.

The Peace Party will do all it can to oppose the government, and those on the opposition benches in Parliament, in their pursuit of the catastrophic move to take the country out of a highly successful community of 28 nations – the European Union, the aims of which are still those of its founders:

    To bring together the peoples of Europe

    To raise living standards and improve working conditions

    To promote growth and boost world trade

    To help the poorest regions of Europe and the rest of the world

    To help maintain peace and freedom

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