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The Peace Party of the United Kingdom

Peace Party Policies for the General Election 2017

Peace Party’s top ten manifesto points

1. Establish a full range of measures to keep the country safe, secure and protected WITHOUT weapons or the military. Establish non-violent means of conflict prevention as well conflict resolution, perhaps under the direction of a Ministry for Peace.

2. Disengage immediately from any military involvement in other countries and work through the United Nations to bring peace to those countries (this should be one of the ways to help to end threats of terrorism and resolve the refugee and asylum-seeker problem)

3. Discourage, and then quickly eliminate, the manufacture of, and trade in, armaments while encouraging the making of goods for civilian purposes such as those dealing with the effects of climate change – such as ways to generate alternative forms of energy

4. Replace the army, navy and air force with a well-equipped, civilian, humanitarian organisation, ready to assist the fire, ambulance, coastguard, mountain rescue and police services when required; such an organisation could be used to assist in dealing with emergencies anywhere in the world

5. Work (behind the scenes if necessary) with the 27 countries of the European Union to join a reformed, much more democratic E.U. which should be able to help to keep the UK and the whole of Europe at peace for ever

6. Properly fund the National Health Service direct from government so that it can deliver quality care for all. Integrate the Care Service into the NHS

7. Institute a Basic Income for all to help eliminate the growing disparity in income between rich and poor – 1 in 4 children are now officially in poverty

8. A housing programme should be in existence to ensure that everyone has a home of their own to rent or buy at prices they can afford

9. Ensure that everyone can have free, quality education which stresses especially the human values of Caring and Care, Love, Compassion, Kindness, Fairness, Trust and Justice which would lead to equality of opportunity for all, children and adults alike

10. Acknowledge the reality of global warming and climate change and ensure adequate funds are available to deal with the consequences, for example, by raising sea defences to manage rising sea levels and potential coastal flooding and by helping water supply companies to cope with more frequent droughts and periods of heavier rainfall
Other Points

11. De-criminalise all psycho-active substances and at the same time introduce education, control and care programmes (compare with current controls on tobacco and alcohol)

12. Acknowledge the need to increase capacity on the railways (to help reduce road traffic and pollution) including (a) the building of further high speed lines to link the Midlands, the North and Scotland to the South-East and continental Europe and (b) electrifying more lines. Reduce car use and consequent congestion and pollution by making local public transport free for all.

13. When the UK leaves the EU food production and care for the countryside and environment in the UK must be supported in at least as good a way as it is now.

14. All policies need financing. Can we afford them? Absolutely! The arguments heard about “deficit” and “austerity” are ‘all smoke and mirrors’. The responsibility of the creation of money rests with the government. It is the duty of government to use that money supply for the benefit of all no matter what their circumstances. The banking system must be strictly controlled by our elected representatives by legally binding strictures. Non-compliance with these would automatically incur severe penalties.

15. There is particular concern that far too much money is ending up, largely under-used, with the richer members of society. Taxation should be used to (a) get that money working for the benefit of all OR (b) remove it from the ‘system’.

16. Private (that is “public” or “independent”) schools should receive no hidden, or overt, support from government (no longer must they allowed to be charities)

17. Search for a way or ways in which that everyone in the community can take part in the decision-making process, improving democracy to such an extent that all feel they have reached unity on issues with everyone else. It may mean taking matters in smaller steps than at present but that should be so much better than the “demockery” of majority voting when, in a two-sided debate, nearly half the people can be left “out in the cold”, disgruntled or unhappy (and even more can be left out if the debate is three-sided e.g. 35:33:31 – 64% unhappy).

18. The Peace Party wishing to see the application of all Universal Human Values stands for the absence of restrictions on the movement of people between countries. Caring and Compassion cannot be delivered if others are stopped at borders, forced to live in temporary camps or accommodation and locked in “holding centres”. Peace means caring for humanity – whatever the cost.

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