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The Peace Party of the United Kingdom

Peace Party Candidates in the County Council Elections 4 May 2017

John Morris (Guildford West), Jim Duggan (Horsham Riverside) and Chapel Kabir (Guildford South-West) have been put forward as candidates for “The Peace Party – Non-violence, Justice, Environment” for their respective County Councils.  They stand for positive Peace, encompassing the full range of universal human values.  They would help promote the application of these values in Surrey and West Sussex by ensuring:

  1. Well-functioning government – including the provision of non-violent safety, security and protection – never with armed force
  2. Sound business environment including the regulation of business operations
  3. Equitable distribution of resources, equity in income as well as equal access to resources such as health and social care and education
  4. Acceptance of the rights of others
  5. Good relations between neighbours including where we live, our local councils, county councils, the United Kingdom and the European Union *
  6. Free flows of information through free and independent media
  7. Quality, values-based education for everyone
  8. Confidence and trust in institutions – reduced levels of fraud and corruption

*All our candidates say that leaving the EU will significantly worsen the UK’s current standing in this and all other “Pillars”

IMG_0205 - Just J

John Morris (Guildford West)


Jim Duggan (Horsham Riverside)


Chapel Kabir (Guildford South-West)

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