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The Peace Party of the United Kingdom

G20 – the Cold, Cruel World of Global Capitalism

The Peace Party observes that something seems to be very wrong with the world:

  • There seems to be no end to wars and armed conflicts as in Syria, Iraq or Ukraine.  1.8 trillion Euro are spent each year on armaments and war.  At the same time, weapons exports are increasing
  • More than 65 million people are on the run worldwide.  The borders of Europe are sealed off once again.  Thousands of people in search of safety are drowning in the Mediterranean, which has become the deadliest border in the world.
  • In many countries, racism and open hatred are increasing.  The truth is no longer a criterion; everything gets claimed and lied about if only it stirs up fears and prejudices.  The ruling policy is to give in to these moods and even fuel them.  Refugees are forcibly returned even to wr zones like Afghanistan.
  • Man-made climate change is an indisputable and threatening reality.  Its consequences are noticeable even today and affect above all those people and countries that are least responsible for causing it.  In the White House there is even a president who thinks that climate change is a lie.
  • Social division has reached a dramatic extent.  Just eight men own more assets than the poorer half of the world’s population.  This division doesn’t only exist on a global scale, it runs through almost all societies.  Millions of people have to make ends meet with low wages, have no prospect of a secure pension and have to fight for a few affordable flats.  Instead of dealing with these problems, they’re made even worse with free trade agreements like CETA or TTIP.

On July 7 and 8, those politically responsible for this humanitarian and social disaster want to meet in Hamburg.  At their annual summit, the heads of the G20 countries talk about “fighting the causes of migration”, but none of the big countries of origin sits at the table.  They talk about “a partnership with Africa”, but representatives of almost the whole continent is missing.  They talk about climate change, but represent the interests of the oil, coal and car industry.  They talk about peace, but they themselves are the biggest belligerent and weapons-producing countries.

Our criticism isn’t just against individual persons and representatives, but against the circumstances and structures that produce them.  We express our rejection of this cold and cruel world of global capitalism, as it’s represented and organised by the G20.  We express our solidarity with all those who oppose the politics of the G20 through protests, strikes of uprisings worldwide.  Our demand for a world of peace, global justice and borderless solidarity will be unmistakeable.

Author’s Note: this piece is based on a “call to action” by individuals from a large group of political and other organisations based in Germany.  They are arranging for a loud and colourful and diverse demonstration against the G20 summit taking place on Saturday, July 8th in Hamburg.  Meanwhile the Peace Party continues to work in the U.K. to change the world through the ballot box.

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