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Deep Compassion needed: Reflections on the Westminster Event

Members of The Peace Party have been reflecting on the event on Westminster Bridge and outside the Palace of Westminster on 22nd March, 2017.  One comment has struck a chord among several activists:

“There are many many people with chips on their shoulders, looking for their own little bit of glory, however perverse. For them any publicity is good publicity. Most of them have cars and kitchen knives. Where this man has led others will follow. We should  not encourage them.”

“Personally I do not want to know his name. I don’t want to discuss what happened or ‘debate its implications’. I don’t even want to make a big issue of the fact that my life will go on as normal. People are dying in road accidents and from disease, hunger,  poverty, cruelty, drugs and crime. I wish it were not so, but my life will, nevertheless, go on as usual.”

“In short I think the best response is no response. If people would listen to us and try to bring about changes in society that would minimise the number of people with chips on their shoulders and zero compassion for others it might be worth saying something.  As it is people would simply be offended and think we were saying it was society’s ‘fault’ and not the assailant’s. Which would be to miss the point altogether.”

Another concluded with a tweet-length comment: “The Peace Party stands firm on our commitment to no loss of life under any circumstances at all.”

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