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What could be the effects of the election of the new US President?

Peace Party supporter in Nigeria has asked about the possible impact of the recent election of a new President of the USA.  Thanks to a timely newsletter report from the International Peace Bureau, the Peace Party is able to comment on some of those likely effects of the elevation to power of Donald Trump on the security and safety of UK citizens.

When speaking as the candidate for the presidency, Trump is reported to have called for defence initiatives that analysts say would add $55 billion to $80 billion annually to a spending request that totals $583 billion this year. Trump envisions a Navy with dozens more ships than the service has sought and an Army as big as the one President George W. Bush sent into Iraq and Afghanistan for full-scale war.

For the Peace Party – and the people of Britain and the rest of Europe – that kind of action can only increase the likelihood of war somewhere in the world.  And, together with all members of NATO, any war engaged in by the USA is likely to draw in other nations to help protect the United States.

Extra spending on the military in the United States is also very likely to bring calls from it to its NATO partners to increase their spending on the military by a similar proportion.  For the UK, this could come at a time when the country is deeply involved in an expensive withdrawal from the European Union.

The IPB also comments darkly, “Trump’s need to dominate [together with his] short attention span – said to be that of a five year-old – and disregard for others, could lead to unnecessary confrontations and possible war”.

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