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Youth Declaration for a Culture of Peace: Call for Activists to join Network

The Peace Party is so pleased to see the following declaration on “Militarisation and Youth” following the International Peace Bureau World Congress “Disarm! For a Climate of Peace – Creating an Action Agenda” held in Berlin in October, 2016.  So often peace meetings seem to have an average age of over 60 – hence the pleasure expressed by this writer.

The crucial part of the Declaration reads, “We, the participants of the IPB Youth Gathering, actively strive for peace and a just future. We believe that justice and peace are possible only with the abolition of militarism and the capitalist system we live in. We need to overcome both and develop new systems based on peace, human rights, gender equality, cooperation, and sustainable development. Thus, we demand complete demilitarisation and transformative steps towards a more humane society.

“We call for the promotion of a culture of peace, through formal and non-formal peace education. Education which promotes intercultural knowledge, sharednarratives and gender equality. We advocate for organisations, structures and activities that implement such training for young people.

“We advocate for the active inclusion and participation of young pepole in the process of shaping a sustainable future.

“We will increase our international cooperation, solidarity, actions and discussion on topics of war and peace and the transformation of our society.

“Today we create a Youth Network under the umbrella of the International Peace Bureau, calling for a world conference on youth, demilitarisation, and transformation in 2018. ‘Those who love peace must learn to organise as effectively as those who love war‘ (MLK – speech at Rally against the Vietnam War, 1967); a world conference is the next big step towards achieving our aims of a transformed society.

“We will facilitate an open and participatory process. We call on all actors, individuals, groups and organisations to join us and participate in the IPB youth network.

“Young people account for more than half the world’s population and we truly believe in peace, non-violence and equality. We will find practical approaches to building wholesome, functioning and sustainable societies that promote peace, co-existence and equality worldwide.

“There is a future without wars, bullets and guns.
A future with solidarity, justice, equality and humanity.”

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