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New call to break the link between Weapons, the Military and Government

The Peace Party has always suspected the intimate link between the arms industry, the military and the Government (and, many would add, the academic world).  Now that link has been exposed by the pressure group Campaign Against the Arms Trade (CAAT) and it is calling on the present Government to break the connection.  However, it seems very unlikely to Party activists that this will happen, indeed, it is likely that the Peace Party is the only one that has policies which include not only the total abolition of the military but also of the arms industry and, of course, the arms trade.  How else can the part the UK has been playing in the bombing of the Yemen by Saudi Arabia, causing untold deaths and suffering using British-made aircraft, be stopped?

The Arms-Military-Government Link

Further information should be available on CAAT’s website: www.caat.org.uk

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