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A Peace Party View on War in the Yemen

A Peace Party View on War in the Yemen

As ever, the Peace Party is saddened to hear of the terrible effects of war as well as the fact that so many countries find it necessary to use war as a means to solve conflict or other problems they see happening in a neighbour – or even further away.

It is clear from many sources that the hostilities in progress in the Yemen have led to the killing of thousands of people, many of them children and civilian adults, while thousands more have been terribly wounded.  It is horrifying to learn that the weaponry used by the Saudi Arabian coalition against the Yemen was supplied by UK firms, with the permission of the UK government.  (The Economist said on 30th July, 2016 that Saudi Arabia had spent £2.8 Billion on British arms since the bombardment of Yemen had started in March, 2015.)

Were the Peace Party to be in a position to influence the Government of the United Kingdom, it would be ensuring that the state or products from its industries would not be involved in any war.  Indeed, of course, a UK Peace Party government would have long since closed down the factories making any kind of weapon and all trade in armaments prohibited.  That government would have already developed alternative means of making the U.K. safe, secure and protected – without the use or threat of violence.

On the world stage, that Peace Party government would be encouraging all parties involved in the war to cease hostilities and negotiate their way to a sustainable, positive peace.

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