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Beware: the government may take the UK to war – again

The Peace Party has commented on its Facebook Page on the implications for it of the Chilcot Report which, together with the recent deadly attack on civilians in Baghdad, illustrates even more clearly the failure of war as a means of bringing about peace in conflict situations.

That failure comes in terms of the grief and sadness of relatives and friends of those on all sides that are killed. It comes, in turn, with blood is on the hands of politicians who sent out men and women to kill. Blood may also, equally, be on the hands of those who elected the politicians to positions of power.

War was wrong in 2003; it is never right – at any time.

Sir John Chilcot was heard to say that the Government should think hard before it takes the country to war again.

But there is no sign of the real lesson to be learned from the ever-recurrent threat of the use of war to resolve conflict or other perceived problems. Violence is always immoral and it is never seen to work – every time there is considerable loss of life and great trauma among the living.

We now need to learn the ways of treating others as we wish to be treated ourselves – with deep compassion.

The Peace Party keeps the message alive in the political arena.


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