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The Peace Party of the United Kingdom

“Scared for the Country”

The Peace Party is extremely sad to see that, even though only 37.4% of the UK electorate voted in the Referendum to leave the European Union, it would appear that the Government may be set on a course to take Britain out of the Union.

That cannot be right – or even democratic. It’s certainly not the “will of the people” as one Leaver said after the Count. Nor was it a “very clear decision” or “the right decision” as others said.

One twenty-year old sent the following text to her grandfather the morning the Referendum result was declared, “Not very happy with the result this morning. I am now scared for the country”. We know that she is not alone.

The Peace Party has always known that being together with other European countries has been one major way that the 71-year peace has endured in the continent. With that pillar of peace showing signs of crumbling, the Party begins to feel as scared as that 20-year old for our security. NATO cannot guarantee security between its members – that is not a part of the Treaty.

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