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More than 60 years later, there’s still only an uneasy peace in Korean Peninsula

At the moment there is a kind of peace in the Korean Peninsula – the world can see that no war is actually taking place. No-one is shooting at each other, no bombs are being dropped or missiles being fired. It is what may be called a state of “negative peace”.

We can deduce from other observations (such as the testing of nuclear weapons and missiles in the North and the carrying out of military exercises in the South) that both North and South Koreans are feeling threatened by each other – and by the possible “allies”, China on the North’s side and the USA and, possibly, Japan on the South’s side.

Sensitive people all over the world no doubt feel that the confrontation in the Korean peninsula could so easily lead to war with all that that means in terms of the fear of killing on a major scale as well as so much destruction, perhaps spilling over into a much wider area than the peninsula.

The “positive peace” that, at heart, everyone wants will come from the recognition of the needs of both north and south Koreans by each other and by the world at large. That can only be accomplished by representatives of all concerned committing themselves to dialogue from which will come requests for action. Such action must be on-going to ensure the continuance of positive peace. It is possible that that part of Asia will see the success of the European Union in the way that it has brought former enemies together in one organisation, which has ensured peace for over 70 years at the other end of the same land-mass, and thus decide to establish something similar in that region.

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