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Stop making and supplying Weapons, says Peace Party

The Peace Party has spotted that the new report from Campaign Against the Arms Trade exposes how the UK continued to provide Saudi Arabia with weapons for its devastating bombing of Yemen throughout 2015, despite repeated violations of international law.

More than 3000 civilians have been killed by the fighting in Yemen, including 900 children. The bombing has created a humanitarian emergency comparable in scale to that in Syria: each day 28 more children are dying from preventable diseases as a result of the conflict.

UK government support has fuelled the crisis: UK-made aircraft, bombs and missiles have been used in the bombing and the government continues to offer training and support to the Saudi regime.

What would YOU say to the Government? If you were part of government, what would you DO – NOW?

The Peace Party’s position has always been clear: NO manufacture of any kind of weapon and NO trade in any weapon or military equipment. And, of course, accompanied by policies promoting positive peace.

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