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The Peace Party of the United Kingdom

Weapons to Ploughshares

The Peace Party, once it were in a position of influence over government, would be immediately setting out to plan and implement the replacement of weapons manufacture in the UK by government-supported industries and services:

Funding of these would be no problem as the government now provides the cash for weapons and military equipment – the money would simply be re-allocated.

The main objection currently to ceasing weapons manufacture is the fear expressed by representatives of working people, as well as by the government, of the loss of employment in areas where the making of military equipment is the major source of income. So,

  • The Peace Party would put measures in place to guarantee the current level of income to all employees (perhaps by a form of negative income tax);
  • That would, in turn, guarantee that there would be the same amount of cash in the local economies as at present, so safeguarding employment in, for example, local shops and services;
  • There would be financial government encouragement for other firms to expand in the former arms-making areas and for others to re-locate there.

Working people in former arms firms would be

  • Encouraged, financially, to develop co-operatives to create new industry, using transferable skills used in the former arms industry to create new ones, e.g. submarines to specialist ship- and boat-building, military aircraft to civilian planes,
  • Provided with re-training for new fields of endeavour – following the suggestions of those working people.

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