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Sovereignty and Exploitation

What we call war today is not war as history has known it. Its destructive effect is immeasurably greater. It is now a truism to say that if we do not end war, war will end us.

Nor is the competitive hunt for profit and dividends the same tolerable process that it was in the past. I find few people realise how much of our business exploitation today is a wastage of resources that can never be replaced. Few people realise the destructiveness of business competition nowadays.

Because of this change in our conditions we are not only burning up our coal and our oil, and sweating and degrading the workers who are employed for that service, but we are rapidly stripping our planet of its forests, and so turning a wholesome, mitigated rainfall into an alternation of droughts and soil-destroying torrents.

We are exterminating hundreds of precious and interesting species that can never be replaced and we are turning millions of acres of grassland into dusty deserts. All this is ascertainable fact. Unregulated competitive business, because of the new teeth and claws invention and discovery have given it, is doing this.

We have power and more power, and everywhere it is being used to knock our world to pieces. That is why it is now urgent to replace our sovereign states, but also our competitive and wasteful economic exploitations, by a more highly organised method — or perish.

To achieve a progressive world organisation as speedily as possible, before extinction overtakes us, is, therefore, the primary problem, about which Mr Everyman — you and I — has to get his mind clear now. Everything rests on our ability to solve that. Unless we are clear about that, not merely world peace but the survival of our species in its present form, is just futile aspiration.”

And when was the original of this written? 1940 – but it could easily have been this year, we hope the reader will agree and will join with the Peace Party in its campaigning bring real Peace to the world and to abolish war and the military-industrial-academic complex.

And the writer of the extract? H.G.Wells in “The Common Sense of War and Peace. World Revolution or War Unending”

Did the world listen? Answers on a postcard, please, to …

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